Damp Keeps Reappearing…. HELP!

As featured in the Sunday Times, July 4th 2021


We live in an old artisan cottage in Dublin city centre. There is a dark, mouldy looking patch on the inside front wall. I have had damp proof coursing put in and painted it with mould-resistant paint, but it still comes back. What should we do?


In the case of any damp and mould the recommended starting point is a damp survey, it is the only way to ensure accurate diagnosis to identify the source cause(s). There are many different types of damp that can exist in Irish properties and quite often the symptoms can look quite similar. So you need to know what exact type of damp is present before taking more action. A reputable damp proofing company can do that. Be wary of companies offering free surveys. You need a company whose surveyors have relevant qualifications in construction engineering or building surveying as well as experience. Furthermore, these surveyors must be fully trained/ able to diagnose all types of Damp otherwise you narrow your search and run the risk of inaccurate solutions – inaccuracy may be the reason for poor performance of the current solutions. Also, it should be a legal entity to ensure that warranties and guarantees can be honoured if necessary. Proven experience is essential, if you are unsure, check out the customer reviews. Errors and incorrect information will cost you more in the long run as what was initially a superficial fix can turn to a large scale structural project overtime if left untreated correctly. Remember that professional damp surveys correctly carried out can save a lot of money in the long run and less headache… you need to hire the best damp proofing company!