Funny Odour in Loft Space – Smells Like mould!

Quite often we encounter bad odours in attic spaces. It is advisable to check the ventilation in the attic to ensure that there is adequate air exchange. Attics are often used for storage, the issue with this is it can reduce air circulation in the attic space. It is advisable to ensure that there is adequate space for sufficient air circulation.

A mouldy smell in the attic usually comes from insulation being damp and/or clothes. Humidity gets into these fabrics and that’s what creates the bad smell. The humidity that’s in the attic can come from down below. Sometimes there is a humidity problem in your house and it passes up through the ceiling attic hatch and into the attic space above.

It is always important to diagnose the specific source of the humidity and rule out all other potential sources using standard testing methods by professionally trained and qualified surveyors. This approach is essential to ensure that you spend wisely and don’t waste money on solutions that may only add to the problem.

mouldy smell