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How to get rid of Mould on Walls!

mouldMould is a scourge for many Irish homeowners. This unwelcome visitor can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mould is ubiquitous, it’s in the air, on our clothing, shoes, bags, and even on our pets.

What causes Mould?
The ideal conditions for Mould are damp, warm conditions without much airflow. Typically, we usually find mould growth in bathrooms and bedrooms where there is high humidity and a lack of ventilation. It’s also very common in properties with a high number of occupants. It should be noted that Mould grows well also where there has been a leak or flooding in the past that has not been adequately dried out. In such cases, there are usually visible signs on walls and affected surfaces.

Mould thrives on organic material and is a huge fan of modern day building materials, such as paints, wallpaper, insulation and drywall to name a few. Mould can also grow in dust, dead skin cells, carpets, fabric, upholstery and many more.

The key to getting rid of Mould is understanding it! Daily we are witnesses to the ramifications of inadequate ventilation, which is the main cause of mould growth. This scenario is becoming increasingly more common with the occurrence of more air tight buildings with increased insulation. When the air stops circulating, you get a build-up of stale, humid, moisture laden air.  This in turn condenses on walls leading to damp patches which encourages mould growth.

Generally, its advisable that you take a two-tiered approach in dealing with all mould problems. Firstly, the affected area must be thoroughly cleaned. Then it’s imperative that you deal with the excess moisture problem as this is the only way to keep the mould away.

At Dampdoctor we are specialists in dealing with this problem, furthermore we are firm believers in long-term solutions. We use various cleaning techniques, specialist equipment and protective gear to kill the mould spores and thoroughly clean the affected area. (For more information relating to health risks and mould, please refer to our related blog). Following this we deal with the ventilation issue, causing the mould in the first place. For this problem, we use a mechanical ventilation system, the tried and trusted positive input ventilation system. This PIV systems work by filling your property with fresh air by means of a pressurised system and pushing out the moisture laden air.

You don’t have to live with Mould, contact the Dampdoctor today on 01 9011662 or where our team will talk you through the process.

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